OPTM Health Care- Failed back surgery syndrome

OPTM Health Care (P) Ltd & AG herbs, two complimentary companies, under one roof, was founded by Apurba Ganguly, who invented the ‘AG Electro Pulse Therapy’ for Pain Management, and started treating patients from his own clinic named ‘Krish Pain Treatment & Research Centre’ (in Kolkata, West Bengal, India), This was in 1991, Apurba Ganguly in addition to treating patients at his own clinic, travelled widely in all major cities of India and also a few different places abroad to treat patients. The therapy soon became popular and in February 1994, in a press conference in the presence of press personnel, eminent Doctors/ Principals of Medical Colleges, Senior Orthopeadic Surgeons, Apurba Ganguly briefed the Principle of this Therapy and administered free treatment to establish the effectiveness of the treatment.

OPTM Health Care- Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

OPTM Health Care- Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome is a medical condition where chronic pain exists in the leg or back, the pain mostly occurs after undergoing a spinal surgery. The pain increases due to the formation of the tissue scar surrounding the nerve roots of the spine. This is followed by ceaseless muscle spasm and pain in the tissue. Over all, the condition refers to chronic pain disorder.

What are the causes of failed back surgery syndrome?

It is seen that those who have undergone surgery in the lumbar spine do complain against chronic pain in the spine. It is seen that in most of the cases the pain is due to the technical error which took place during the surgery of the spine. This actually takes place after laminectomy, discectomy or micro discectomy. It is also reported that the pain also occurs due to herniation of disc after surgery. You should also know that removing the disc without considering the presence of stenosis also does aggravate the problem. In addition to this, it is seen that pain in the back is due to the occurrence of chemical inflammation and mechanical compression along the nerve roots. Researchers have also found that cigarette smoking is another factor which causes failed back surgery syndrome.

Some of the common symptoms are:

  • First of all you are going to experience chronic pain in the affected area.
  • Sometimes you might experience pain in the new area apart from previously treated one.
  • The movement becomes limited
  • You could feel a pinching pain in your back
  • It is seen that numbness usually stretches from the lower back portion to the legs
  • People might also face depression, anxiety and sleeplessness
  • You may also feel spasms in the back portion

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