OPTM Health Care – Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

OPTM Health Care- Frozen Shoulder

       OPTM Health Care- Frozen Shoulder

OPTM Health Care (P) Ltd & AG herbs, two complimentary companies, under one roof, was founded by Apurba Ganguly, who invented the ‘AG Electro Pulse Therapy’ for Pain Management, and started treating patients from his own clinic named ‘Krish Pain Treatment & Research Centre’ (in Kolkata, West Bengal, India), This was in 1991, Apurba Ganguly in addition to treating patients at his own clinic, travelled widely in all major cities of India and also a few different places abroad to treat patients. The therapy soon became popular and in February 1994, in a press conference in the presence of press personnel, eminent Doctors/ Principals of Medical Colleges, Senior Orthopeadic Surgeons, Apurba Ganguly briefed the Principle of this Therapy and administered free treatment to establish the effectiveness of the treatment.

Frozen shoulder is a medical condition where the ligaments covering the joints gets stiffen and swells resulting in reduced mobility of the shoulder. It is also known as Adhesive capsulitis which attacks only one side of your shoulder, but in some cases it affects both of them. You should know that it occurs due to injury or from diseases like stroke or diabetes. You would discover that the problem arises slowly and goes away on its own may be after a year.

What are the causes of frozen shoulder?

Normally it takes place when you reduce the movement of your shoulder. It is because you could not bear the unendurable pain. Moreover, it is also caused due to the degrading condition of your health and due to other diseases like stroke. Over all, you should remember that it is caused due to injury or surgery. Moreover, people having diabetes should keep an eye on the problem because it is one of the important causes which lead to the problem. Aside these, you should know that frozen shoulder is also caused due to formation of tissue scar in the joints. As a result this makes the joints of the shoulder stiffen and thicken reducing the movement.

The symptoms are observed in three notable stages which include like:

  • Paining stage:  In this case the shoulder gets stiffen and becomes difficult to move. The pain becomes unbearable during the night time.
  • Adhesive stage:  The pain in the shoulder increases resulting in very less movement of the shoulder. You could see that the pain does not reduce but deteriorates with time.
  • Thawing stage:  In this stage, you could move your shoulder easily, without experiencing any kind of pain.

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