OPTM Health Care – Research on Phytomedicines

OPTM Health Care along with our chief researcher and Founder works together with top scientist and Universities along with clinicians to provide an unique solution for chronic and acute pain. OPTM Health Care reinvests a significant amount of annual sales in research and development of innovative phytomedicines.

OPTM Health Care-NF-kB-Pathway

OPTM Health Care-NF-kB-Pathway

Drug advancement in our R& D mainly focuses on muscular and neurological disorders as well as on varicose veins and urological indications. The research for our innovative Phytomedicine process starts with the screening of new plants, in our newly set up tissue culture lab.

Subsequently, phytochemicals are extracted from the plants which are sourced from Gramin Farmers. A sophisticated production technology finally leads to a product in which beneficial active phytochemicals are enriched with. After the vigilant selection of phytochemicals, harmful components are eliminated from the extract. The derived plant extracts are thoroughly screened using relevant pharmacological and toxicological models to ensure optimal customer safety. The efficacy and safety of our phyto formulations are investigated in clinical trials prior to their introduction into the markets.

OPTM Research Institute’s clinical research on phytomedicines has significantly contributed to the acceptance of science-based phytotherapy in the medical community. Looking back on the long in-house tradition of such studies, OPTM Health Care may be regarded as one of the inventor of evidence-based phytotherapy & phytomedicine in Asia. Our dedication to proving the efficacy and safety of our phytomedicines through rigid pharmacological and clinical studies is unique.

The NFkappaB pathway is the key underlying pathway promoting Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is usually associated with Inflammation-A physiological process whereby tissue responds to Oxidative Stress.

Four key signs of inflammation:

1) Redness

2) Swelling

3) Heat

4) Pain

Our formulation formulated by our founder and head researcher Apurba Ganguly is enriched with phyto constituents which offer varieties of structurally unrelated compounds viz. alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, polyphenols and terpenoids to modulating redox sate and combat against pain and inflammation related with osteoarthritis.

Phytochemical’s being non narcotic and without side effects could be capable of management of pain and inflammation by suppressing the activation of transcription level of inflammation during signal proteins.

NFkappab (Nuclear factor B) is a signal protein complex that has been linked with inflammatory process and improper immune development.


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