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OPTM Health Care focuses on administration of treatments, while AG Herbs is involved with the Research, Development and Manufacturing of the Herbal Medicines. Together, they provide solutions for Pain and Psychosomatic Management. The treatment so far has done wonders in treating Critical Patients suffering from Arthritis, Spondylosis, Slip disc Fibrosis, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative changes in spinal regions, Psychosomatic disorder and many more.

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Prior discussing on gout, it is important to mention what is actually gout? You should know that it is a kind of arthritis which is triggered by the accumulation of fluids present in joints. You should see that the inflammatory arthritis mostly attacks big toe, but it might be found in the urate nephropathy, kidney stones, and tophi. Gout usually appears in the form of red, hot swollen joints.

Causes of having Gout

Well there are wide array of reasons which accentuate the problem. First of all, the increased level of uric acid present in the blood is the primary source of getting gout. Well the level of uric acid does increase due to the consumption of spicy rich diet, sea fishes, alcohol, sweetened drinks etc. In addition to this, people with excessive weight or obese also gains the risk of having gout. Next, you should be careful enough prior consuming certain types of medicines like niacin, aspirin because frequent use of these medicines causes gout, by misbalancing the proportion of water and salt in your body. Aside these, you should even know that speedy weight loss, illness or increase in blood pressure might accelerate the chance of having gout. Last, but not least, you should know that partial genetic disorder is also considered as one of the causes of having gout.

Symptoms of having Gout

Whenever you are under the spell of gout, obviously you are going to experience a miserable pain, swelling, tenderness in your joint .This mostly occurs in the big toe area. Well this is also known as podagra. Next, you should see that it is a kind of inflammation which mostly appears in the form of purplish or red colored skin covering the joint area. In addition to his, you might also face a mere itching around the affected zone. People having gout usually feel a terrible pain during the night which accentuates and stretches for hours. It might even restrict the movement in the joints as well.