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Pain may be defined as a complex sensory experience associated with actual or potential peripheral tissue damage. OPTM Health Care’s mission is to identify effective cellular and molecular targets for plant based new drugs and therapies with low side effects and affordable prices for treating osteoarthritis and pain related disorders.

OPTM Health Care- Knee Pain Treatment

OPTM Health Care- Knee Pain Treatment

OPTM Health Care has a remarkable record in the treatment of osteoarthritis and other such pain-related disorders like knee pain. OPTM’s phyto-therapeutic treatment is highly affordable and has minimal side-effects. Their extensive research on the subject has remained the backbone behind their unique treatment protocol. No wonder it has brought thousands of ailing people back to normal life. Clinical trials on patients have been highly successful and the results are evident in anatomical, radiological, and pathological and biochemical reports which will soon be published in reputed scientific journals.

The mode of application of OPTM Health Care natural organic phyto-medicines is completely topical. It is a powerful and safe tool for relieving all kinds of acute and chronic pain. These phyto-medicines are applied externally on the skin and reach the pain points through blood. The topical agents act on the soft tissues, muscles and peripheral nerves underlying the site of application. Moreover serum levels generally remain relatively low, and consequently, systemic side effects or the associated risk of internal organ or tissue toxicity are more unlikely. The thermo sensitive skin receptors get activated after using topical phyto formulations and work on inflammatory neurotransmitters by “functional” desensitization or reduction in response to pain signals.

OPTM Health Care has very effective treatments for Osteoarthritis and Knee pain as it has a range of specialized knee doctors in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.



OPTM Achieves a Milestone, Offers Natural Alternative to Knee Pain -Phytomedicine

Knee pain is a very mundane illness but can often become serious. It can be caused from acute injuries to severe medical conditions. The diagnosis of the cause is often a thorough physical examination and the ensuing treatment is determined by the underlying cause. The treatment sometimes may even require surgeries or other interventions. But what has always been an alternative approach and propagated as a side-effect free way is herbalism or Phytomedicine. Recently, there has been a spur in the popularity of phytomedicine due to its miraculous success with cases which were given up by allopathy as hopeless. And OPTM Healthcare is one of the most adept in phytomedicinal treatments.

How OPTM is different

Organic Phyto and Therapeutic Method (OPTM) Healthcare has achieved a milestone in the history of pain care by introducing a set of healthy pain diagnosis tests such as C-Reactive Protein Test (CRP), Creatine Phosphokinase test (CPK), Aldolase test and Anatomical tests. These tests help in diagnosing knee pain causes by checking inflammation levels and monitoring musculoskeletal damage. Any asymmetry which might have developed in the musculoskeletal system is diagnosed through Anatomical tests.

OPTM Health Care - Knee Symmetry

OPTM – Knee Symmetry

OPTM healthcare has revolutionized the treatment protocol of knee pain. Treating knee pain through an application of active photoconstituents, Dr. Apurba Ganguly’s approach to the treatment has been proven exemplary. The effectiveness of Dr. Ganguly’s treatment has been established through various pathological, anatomical and radiological tests by comparing pre- and post-treatment reports.

Dr. Apurba Ganguly’s research papers have been published in the International Journal of Phytomedicine. The developments that she has established are revolutionizing the way of treatment as phytomedicine has proven to reverse muscle stiffness. It has also effectively reduced inflammation of joints, rectified degeneration/calcification, reduced genu varum, increased gaps between bones/vertebrae, increased muscular strength and repaired muscular wasting. It has also omitted the need of waist/knee joint belts and bed rest. These advancements have been commendable in the treatment of knee pain.

OPTM Health Care – Sleeplessness Treatment

OPTM Health Care-Sleeplessness Treatment

OPTM Health Care-Sleeplessness Treatment

OPTM Health Care is a place for the treatment of pain. Pain Management is the major service provided by OPTM Health Care under the guidance of Dr Apurba Ganguly who invented the “AG Electro Plus” therapy for Pain Management. OPTM Health Care is different from other hospitals because they use only herbal and Phytomedicines which are prepared naturally in comparison to allopathic and other surgical treatments.

Many of you complain that you cannot sleep during the night time. Well such sleeping disorder is known as sleeplessness or insomnia. You should know that it is a situation where you cannot fall asleep easily and the sleep does not continue for long. Moreover, when the disorder becomes a chronic, it surely affects your health negatively. Over all there are two types of sleeplessness one is primary and secondary.

 What are the causes of sleeplessness?

There is wide array of causes which aggravates the problem. Quitting of certain stimulants, including medicines, caffeine, cocaine, nicotine definitely affects your sleep. People who are suffering from heart disease most likely do develop sleeplessness. At the same time, withdrawing certain anti anxiety drugs also leaves a negative impact. Sometimes people undergoing surgery in the thorax also have the chance of getting insomnia. Regular use of various antibiotic medicines also does cause sleeplessness. Apart from these, sedentary lifestyle, getting gastrointestinal problems, variation in hormones during menstruation and menopause also prevent you from sleeping. Moreover, you should also consider the neurological problems and genetic problem also do accentuate the problem.

 What are the symptoms of sleeplessness?

  • If you face the problem of sleeplessness, then you could not sleep at a stretch.
  • Next, you would adopt the habit of waking up frequently.
  • Sometimes, you might feel difficulty in sleeping after getting awake.
  • In addition to this, you might see that you rise up from bed early in the morning followed by dizziness and exhaustion.
  • Sometimes, you need to take alcohol or other sleeping drugs to get asleep.
  • Improper sleep might make you feel irritated and drowsy during the day time.

What are the different types of sleeplessness?

There are three types of sleeplessness which are acute sleeplessness, chronic sleeplessness and transient sleeplessness. In case of acute sleeplessness an individual could not sleep for long say less than a month. Chronic sleeplessness is a condition when a person is able to sleep more than a month and Transient sleeplessness is a situation when a person is able to sleep less than a week.


OPTM Health Care: A Natural Treatment of Osteoarthritis With a 100% Recovery


OPTM Health Care offers the best Osteoarthritis treatment in a natural way. Osteoarthritis can attack any joint present in the body but it may severely attack joints present in hands, knees, hips & spine. Osteoarthritis gradually becomes worse with passage of time if no legitimate prescription is taken.

Treatment Recommended by Other Hospitals:

The specialists in other hospitals may suggest active Physiotherapy Treatment (PT) or Occupational Therapy Treatment (OT) to enhance or improve the functionality and movement of joints. For reducing the inflammation of joints, they use chemically composed drugs with no guarantee of no after effects. At the point when pain is extreme, surgery may be recommended by them which may cost you high but with no 100 % recovery.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

                           Osteoarthritis Treatment

How We are Different:                

Treatment provided in OPTM Health Care can lessen or diminish the pain and help you to remain active. Here at OPTM Health Care, we conduct the treatment in a very systematic & scientific manner with no side effects.

We conduct the treatment in three phases: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. When you will be in Phase 3, you will be completely alright; we assure you a 100 % recovery with completion of our Phase 3 Treatment. By our treatment, aggravation or inflammation of joints can be decreased without the use of any synthetically made medications.

Dr Apurba Ganguly, founder of OPTM Health Care is solely responsible for all the accolades for inventing of scientific & natural treatment techniques. A sustainable approach is delivered by Dr. Apurba Ganguly for achieving knee symmetry in osteoarthritis by phytotherapeutic treatment which costs you less and offers a 100% recovery.