OPTM Health Care Treating Urinary Incontinence through Phytomedicine

OPTM Health Care has come up with a new invention in the field of medical sciences with its new Phytomedicine URhalt. The medicine offers a natural cure to the problem of Urinary Incontinence. Urinary Incontinence refers to a loss of control over one’s urinary bladder. Lately it has become quite a common disease and has various levels of complexity. It could range from occasionally leaking urine while coughing or sneezing or can be as severe as having strong urges to urinate. OPTM has offered a remarkable natural alternate to cure the disease. URhalt consists of herbs and their corresponding phytochemicals. Such a natural treatment to Urinary Incontinence is exemplary in the field of medical sciences.

About Urinary Incontinence:

Urinary Incontinence occurs when the sphincter that holds the bladder’s outlet is not strong enough and hence, cannot hold the urine. In men, there are various kinds of incontinence which have varied reasons. They are:

  • Stress Incontinence – When sphincter opens up at inappropriate times like when you laugh, sneeze, cough, lift objects or even change postures.
  • Urge Incontinence – When bladder contractions are too strong to be controlled by the sphincter. Bladder contractions can be caused by various reasons which include urinary tract infection, bowel problems, and certain neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, kidney or bladder stones, blockage due to prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  • Overflow Incontinence – Usually caused by obstruction of the urethra from BHP or prostate cancer. It can also be caused when bladder muscles contract weakly or do not contract at all whenever they should. It can also be caused by narrowing of the stricture, nerve conditions and medicines.
  • Functional Incontinence: A rare form caused by physical or mental limitations which restrict one’s ability to relieve.

How OPTM Health Care is different

OPTM Health Care has devised a treatment for this disease in alternative medicine through URhalt. URhalt is a natural phytomedicine based on herbs and contains Ocimum Sanctum, Termenelia Arjuna, Tribulus Terrestris, Vitex Negundo Linn, Allium Cepa, Clitoria Ternatea and Sesamum Indicum L. This range of ingredients is helpful in preventing urinary infections and promotes the flow of urine and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract. With OPTM’s pain care experts at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, OPTM Health Care is serving the whole country with its natural alternative medication.



OPTM Health Care – Attitude is the best pain management tool

OPTM Health Care focuses on pain management and pain relief by Research & Development on Plants and Herbal medicines that can affect the human body and give relief for a long life. Dr Apurba Ganguly founded the OPTM Health Care with AG Herbs and promoted the Phytomedicines.

OPTM Health Care

OPTM Health Care

Pain management can be simple or complex, depending on the cause of the pain. An example of pain that is typically less complex would be nerve root irritation from a herniated disc with pain radiating down the leg. This condition can often be alleviated with an epidural steroid injection and physical therapy. Sometimes, however, the pain does not go away.

OPTM Health Care-Pain management

OPTM Health Care-Pain management

The treatment of pain is guided by the history of the pain, its intensity, duration, aggravating and relieving conditions, and structures involved in causing the pain. In order for a structure to cause pain, it must have a nerve supply, be susceptible to injury, and stimulation of the structure should cause pain. OPTM Health Care follows the concept behind most interventional procedures for treating pain that there is a specific structure in the body with nerves of sensation that is generating the pain. Dr Apurba Ganguly has a role in identifying the precise source of the problem and isolating the optimal treatment.

This can require a wide variety of skills and techniques to treat the pain. These skills and techniques include:

  • Interventional procedures
  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy or chiropractic therapy
  • Psychological counseling and support
  • Acupuncture and other alternative therapies; and
  • Referral to other medical specialists

All of these skills and services are necessary because pain can involve many aspects of a person’s daily life.


OPTM Health Care – Calcaneal Treatment

Apurba Ganguly is a researcher, scientist and inventor who envisaged a happy and healthy society. His pioneering research work has become an integral part of alternative medicine that advocates the process of eradicating stress disorder and pain permanently. In 2011, Apurba Ganguly went beyond the limitations of traditional medical practices and founded OPTM Health Care which together with AG Herbs offers natural unique solutions with its Organic Phyto Therapeutic Method. Through his dedicated research, spanning over 30 years, he brought hope to millions across the world suffering from stress and chronic pain.

OPTM Health Care- Calcaneal Spur

OPTM Health Care- Calcaneal Spur

Calcaneal spur is a condition, where calcium gets accumulated at the base of your heel bone. In fact, this is visible in the form of tiny protrusion. This is mainly formed due to ceaseless stress on the bone spur. Thus, you could see that the deformity occurs due to the piling up of the calcium deposits on one another. For your information calcaneal spur can be noticed with the help of the radiological examination.

Primarily, it is caused due to the deposition of the calcium on the lower portion of the heel bone. In addition to this, it is also caused due to the elongation of the plantar fascia, due to constant stress on the ligaments and muscles of your foot. Besides these, wear and tear of the membranes covering the bone spur is also responsible for causing the calcaneal spur. You need to be careful because jogging or continuous running on rough terrain also causes the problem. Prior buying shoes you need to check out that because it also enhances the problem to a greater level. People having obesity, diabetes should be very cautious. Moreover, you should not overstress yourself with constant physical activity. People with high arches or flat shaped feet should be careful because this also plays an important role in causing the problem.

Some of the common symptoms are:

  • You might feel terrible pain after running or jogging.
  • You could feel a chronic or sporadic pain due to the formation of the inflammation on the spur.
  • Whenever you try to walk or stand up in the morning, you might feel a pinch in the lower portion of your feet.
  • There is no fixed time when you would feel the problem, it might appear any time.

OPTM Health Care – Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment

OPTM Health Care-Before & After Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis

               OPTM Health Care-Before & After                          Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis

OPTM Health Care (P) Ltd & AG herbs, two complimentary companies, under one roof, was founded by Apurba Ganguly, who invented the ‘AG Electro Pulse Therapy’ for Pain Management, and  started treating patients from his own clinic named ‘Krish Pain Treatment & Research Centre’ (in Kolkata, West Bengal, India),

Lumbar Spondylosis is a medical condition, which occurs due to the depreciation of the vertebral bones present in the lower portion of your back. It is also known as spinal osteoarthritis, which is a common problem mostly prevalent among elders. In other words, you could even recall it as a degenerative disease of the joint. The disorder might affect the structure and functioning of the discs resulting in the loss of slippery material, which actually supports the movement of the bones. OPTM health Care provides the natural treatment that includes Phyto Medicines and Phyto Therapies such as AG Electro plus Therapy for permanent solution. Dr Apurba Ganguly has invented medicines that are very effective with no side effects and long term relief.

What are the causes of Lumbar Spondylosis?

The primary cause of lumbar Spondylosis is due to the gradual deterioration of the vertebral discs. You should know that there is delicate elastic substance in between the discs, which actually enhances the movement of the bones usually dries out with time is vitally responsible for causing lumbar Spondylosis. For your information, this even affects the height of the people as well. In addition to this, it is also seen that lumbar Spondylosis is also caused by the stiffening of the ligaments followed by changes in the structural alignment of the joints, which bridges the gap between the spine and the back. Apart from these, you should see that lumbar Spondylosis is also due to the leakage of the slippery material, which affects the movement of bones and tissues which acts like a cushion between the lower back and vertebras.

 Some of the common symptoms are:

  1. You could feel numbness or pain in your back portion.
  2. In fact, you would hesitate to move your body in a normal way
  3. In addition to this, you would see that the nerves that are present inside the spinal canal usually become weak as a result; you would feel pain in the bladder, legs, buttocks etc.
  4. Sometimes you would feel that the lower portion of the back gets stiffened during the morning.
  5. Mostly it is seen that pain in the back occurs with excessive movement or after sitting for long duration.
  6. You should be cautious enough, while moving or lifting any heavy object because this might aggravate the problem.



OPTM Health Care – Natural Treatment of GOUT

OPTM Health Care focuses on administration of treatments, while AG Herbs is involved with the Research, Development and Manufacturing of the Herbal Medicines. Together, they provide solutions for Pain and Psychosomatic Management. The treatment so far has done wonders in treating Critical Patients suffering from Arthritis, Spondylosis, Slip disc Fibrosis, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative changes in spinal regions, Psychosomatic disorder and many more.

OPTM Health Care

                OPTM Health Care

Prior discussing on gout, it is important to mention what is actually gout? You should know that it is a kind of arthritis which is triggered by the accumulation of fluids present in joints. You should see that the inflammatory arthritis mostly attacks big toe, but it might be found in the urate nephropathy, kidney stones, and tophi. Gout usually appears in the form of red, hot swollen joints.

Causes of having Gout

Well there are wide array of reasons which accentuate the problem. First of all, the increased level of uric acid present in the blood is the primary source of getting gout. Well the level of uric acid does increase due to the consumption of spicy rich diet, sea fishes, alcohol, sweetened drinks etc. In addition to this, people with excessive weight or obese also gains the risk of having gout. Next, you should be careful enough prior consuming certain types of medicines like niacin, aspirin because frequent use of these medicines causes gout, by misbalancing the proportion of water and salt in your body. Aside these, you should even know that speedy weight loss, illness or increase in blood pressure might accelerate the chance of having gout. Last, but not least, you should know that partial genetic disorder is also considered as one of the causes of having gout.

Symptoms of having Gout

Whenever you are under the spell of gout, obviously you are going to experience a miserable pain, swelling, tenderness in your joint .This mostly occurs in the big toe area. Well this is also known as podagra. Next, you should see that it is a kind of inflammation which mostly appears in the form of purplish or red colored skin covering the joint area. In addition to his, you might also face a mere itching around the affected zone. People having gout usually feel a terrible pain during the night which accentuates and stretches for hours. It might even restrict the movement in the joints as well.